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„Mayday! On the sales chart”

„Mayday! On the sales chart”

This book is dedicated to people associated with trade. It is a good material both for owners and managers of commercial companies, but also for all types of sales representatives. Additionally, the presented material will be a good teaching tool suitable for training companies and institutions of higher education specializing in trade themes.

The objective of this book is to educate the reader, so that he or she would be able to take appropriate actions leading to increasing the sales results through identifying the reasons for failures in three areas: on the part of the commercial company, on the part of the trade forces and on the part of the principles of conducting the sales process. Each of the aforementioned chapters has been discussed in a separate part of the book.

Unlike many other publications, this one is not limited to listing “what not to do” but it instructs the reader “what to do and how”. Ready-made audit templates will allow you to conduct your own analyses in order to obtain answers to questions, such as how well your company is prepared for competing for customers, how well the sales forces are prepared for that, and how good or how bad the sales process currently applied in your company is. On this basis, you will be able to improve each of the enumerated areas. Using this book will be very comfortable. The audit template has been conceived in such a manner that you can smoothly and quickly refer to the chapter discussing a particular issue.


Author of the book and 8 business publications, manager and sales strategist.

Specialist in development and marketing of brands, restructuring and development of retail chains, development of added value to allow effective struggle against competition.

Sales strategist for one of the largest Polish investment funds dealing with company takeovers, where he is responsible for sales potential analysis and for preparation and implementation of sales growth strategies with durability of changes guaranteed.

Sales strategist in the training and coaching company: Grupa Kozubik i Partnerzy. Author of "The Report on the Condition of the Polish Sector of Medium-Sized Commercial Companies in 2016”. Author of the audit and rating assessing the possibilities of development and sales security for commercial companies.

Over twenty years of experience in development and management of sales, distribution networks and key accounts. He has gained experience working for concerns from: Germany, Italy, France and the United States. Currently, he is responsible for the European market.

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„Mayday! On the sales chart”
English version.

The book consists of three logically arranged parts. It focuses on several key issues which are linked with one another and which regard the functioning of the commercial company. Each part ends with a broad audit which enables the reader to find out whether and to what extent the company and its trade forces are prepared to compete for customers. Each part is divided into thematic blocks within which, in separate chapters, the particular issues are discussed in more detail. The chapters end with small audits from which the reader may learn about what may happen if the certain area has not been corrected.

The first of the three parts (Kraft Company) is dedicated mainly to owners and managers and its subject is that of building a proper trade organization. It provides many proven tools and ready solutions, which will contribute to increasing sales. It allows to conduct an audit which will provide the answer to the question how well the given company is prepared for competing for customers.

The second part (Kraft Salesman) which deals with the knowledge and skills of the sales forces (“Kraft Salesman”), is addressed mainly to sales representatives but it could also help the managerial personnel to understand the secrets of their work. It has been developed so that it could become a corporate knowledge base and allow to precisely manage these characteristics among the sales representatives. The conducting of an audit may disclose their weaknesses and enable the preparation of individual training plans, which will better prepare the sales representatives to compete for customers and their orders.

The third part (Kraft Standards) is addressed to both the managerial personnel and the sales forces. It presents issues related to the sales process. Thanks to its specific structure, it will precisely identify to what extent the task of acquiring a customer and his or her order has been accomplished. That will be possible even if the sales transaction has not been finalized. The prepared audit template will permit the identification of the stage of the sales process which proved decisive for the failure of the transaction, and it will suggest what may be done to improve the result in the future.

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"Report on the Condition of the Polish Sector of Medium-Sized Commercial Companies in 2016"

The capacity of commercial companies was based on the assessment of 5 key sales areas, consisting of 42 parameters, each granted between 1 and 5 points. This results in over 200 assessed items.

The publication contains information on the strengths as well as most frequent mistakes made by commercial companies. You will find here a lot of proposed improvements for preparing effective repair plans.

The report has indicated that the largest problem for developing sales is associated with the area entitled “sales activities and tools”: lack of developed sales process model, redundant value of information after meetings with customers or lack of feedback in over 70% of the companies, which means the sales personnel do not know why they keep losing.

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Think Tank - „Novus Ordo Operando”

High efficiency of trading companies during 4.0 industry revolution.

Good quality of products no longer guarantees success. The ability to find a suitable customer and the knowledge of your competition play a larger role in achieving good results. In the more and more competitive market, sales may be developed by those that look at that discipline from a broader perspective.

Sales success may be achieved through perfect knowledge of the product, of the strengths and weaknesses of your competition, of the potential and current needs of the market, and through the ability to perceive the trends that are going to change the future. Let’s not forget the changes in terms of law and finance, modern electronic tools or elite sales personnel, where the ability to obtain and retain them is necessary.

What will let me achieve successful sales in the future? We want to look at that discipline from a broad perspective. We look for the best specialists from the Polish market in order to define all the significant areas that make a commercial company successful. We do not only want to limit ourselves to defining which of them are most significant for success, but rather to integrate them perfectly into a monolith. We believe this is the only way to plan long-term, effective and affordable development of a company.

This think talk will soon start sharing its knowledge with you.